Re-engineering your current safety management program and the addition of a safety management system can significantly energize your safety performance. To get you started, we have assembled leading authorities on OSH system re-engineering and implementation of safety management systems for this symposium. Join us in Denver and follow these steps to better safety performance.

Consider Future of Safety

Determine What Needs to Change

Ideas for the Next OSH Iteration

Power-Up Your System With a Standard

Sell Your System to Leadership

ENERGIZE your safety management program and learn to:

  • Employ methodology including gap analysis and risk assessment to determine what changes need to be made and the feasibility of taking these actions
  • Implement new strategies and techniques for an immediate increase in the results of OSH activity
  • Looking to the future, evaluate recognized safety management systems to determine the most appropriate and sustainable support for your organization
  • Communicate your plans to senior leadership as a first step to align your OSH system with your organization’s business goals


  • Takeaway tools and methodology from 19 sessions to add to your efforts and improve safety in your organization.
  • Frank White, recognized authority for projecting future safety trends, will outline what is likely to lie ahead to help you prepare your OSH system for oncoming challenges.
  • Dr. Joel Haight, Professor of Industrial Engineering , will lay out the features of the most recognized standards for OSH management to enable your selection of a safety management system.
  • Dr. Marc Rosen, Professor of Engineering, will look at an industrial giant achieving and maintaining significant improvement in OSH performance.
  • You will learn about the impending requirements of the 45001, what could be the most significant health safety standard in 50 years, and how it will affect your organization.
  • If you have a behavior-based safety system that needs updating, this symposium will give you re-engineering ideas specific to this system.


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